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Hard Hats, Eye Wear, and Other Preventative Measures Personal Protective Equipment Quiz

Do you work in dangerous situations at your job? Just want to learn more about personal protective equipment? has developed the perfect learning tool to help make you an expert on employee safety. After taking this free 20-question quiz you will know what personal protective equipment is necessary, who must provide it, and what safety precautions must be taken before starting a job.

You might ask yourself, "What’s the point of a quiz? Why not just write a safety article?" Well, the experts at feel that there is no better way to learn off the job than by being tested. We offer multiple choice and true/false questions with hints to help out and explanations to answers filled with facts, legal information, and advice. And the best part: the quizzes are free! We understand the importance of continuous learning, particularly when it comes to being safe. By offering this quiz free of charge, we hope that people will enter a workplace with more knowledge than they previously had of it, and in turn prevent injuries and save lives.

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Personal Protective Equipment
OSHA regulations require that a hazard assessment should be conducted of all work areas so that proper protective equipment can be selected. The choice of PPE depends on the type of hazards such as heat, chemicals, compression, electrical, light/radiation, punctures and dust. Signs are the most vital step inkeeping everyone informed of appropriate PPE to use.

• What footwear is appropriate if working in a high voltage environment?

• What types of gloves are necessary for handling hazardous chemicals?

• What are employers responsible for providing when a worker lives in a hazardous experience?

• What three industrial classes do hard hats fit in?

• What is needed when dealing with flying particle hazards?

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